Mexican Delights

March 01 2016

... and further delights

Well it's been two and a half months. You probably thought - or more likely hoped - that I was dead. No such luck sucker! Or perhaps - less likely - you dearly love my comic and were worried that I was done. Don't forget my last "break" lasted five years. So 2 and a half months... that's not even as bad as waiting for the next season of Walking Dud.

In any case, I got a new laptop, a new tablet, and a new passion for inappropriate humor, so I'm back! I could've spent my tax return on paying down my credit card debt. Alcoholism is expensive. But instead I switched local microbrews for cheap whiskey and spent the money on something "fun". I put that in quotes because..... no reason actually. It makes no sense. I should go back and make that a normal sentence.

Next paragraph! Burritos and tacos are both amazing. Just a thousand calories of pure joy. You can put literally anything into a burrito and it just becomes more burrito. Tacos are a little more limited in real estate, but that just adds to the excitement of picking and choosing exactly what goes in there. As for a cock starved whore? Only one thing goes into that. Ha!

My last comic was about a certain candidate for the Republican nomination for president. At the time I was like, "whatever, politics are funny." Now it's looking like a terrifyingly realistic possibility. Even our rapscallion protagonists are supposedly voting for him! Things are truly heading south.

South of the border that is! With burritos and tacos and drug violence. Hooray! Viva la puta!


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