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July 25 2014

Still a favorite

This was the second comic I wrote and OJ drew. Even though it was only our second one, it ’s still one of my favorites. Reading the post below that I wrote almost eight years ago, you may think to yourself, "Fuzzy’s life has probably mellowed out since then." I wish. Apparently I have become an expert in the ridiculous.

It’s interesting what I wrote below about the double-standard between men and women. Women love sex as much as men do, if not more so, but are expected to act like they don’t. For example, a woman who takes birth control has to pretend it’s to regulate her period or to prevent her ovaries from exploding like juicy grenades. She’s not allowed to say, "I just want to fuck without having babies." On the other hand, whenever the male birth control pill is released, 100% of men will take it. And they will fuck until the street is littered with their broken penises.

OJ used to live in a house with seven other guys, so the incident depicted in today’s comic was not uncommon. In fact, he has stated quite a few times that he’s been "walked in on with every single girl [he’s] ever fucked." God knows just last week I walked into his room and smacked his ass while he was pillaging his wench of the month. I wouldn’t recommend that by the way; ass sweat is slimy.

Some people consider the act of lovemaking to be a wondrous and spiritual act shared in private by two amorous individuals. For us, it’s like drinking a nice cold beer. It feels good doing it, and you wouldn’t mind your friend walking in on you while you’re doing it. On occasion you even share your beer with a friend.

The fact that men don’t mind being "caught" having sex and women do is a reflection of a particular double standard. Men are expected to and in fact applauded for their sexual exploits, whereas women are branded as sluts for fucking anyone they haven’t been dating for 5 years. It’s a damn shame too, since it takes an awful lot of convincing to get them in bed with us. That or half a liter of Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka.


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